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End of an Era

For two years I was lucky enough to be a part of The Ballroom Blog , creatively collaborating with many of Romance’s finest authors: Gaelen Foley, Sarah MacLean, Tessa Dare, Lauren Willig, Katharine Ashe, Kate Noble, and Miranda Neville. Now Lady B, the hostess of all our shenanigans, has gone on an extended journey with her husband and the blog is on hiatus indefinitely. However, I am pleased to say it will stay accessible on the internet, particularly because The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe grew out of a series of blog posts on the site.

If you never did visit the Ballroom, I recommend starting here at the beginning.

News in DarbyLand

I think, considering it is the end of May, that it’s about time I let you all know I have a new novella releasing at the end of July.

The Short and Fascinating Tale of Angelina Whitcombe will be published by Avon Impulse and available at all the usual online retailers.

Cover and more info to be added here soon. In the meantime, find me over at, where there are thrice-weekly ballroom antics.

Guest blogging elsewhere on the web…

Today I am over at Sarah MacLean’s blog celebrating her new release (which made the NYT list this week!!!), A Rogue by Any Other Name, by discussing the female rogue! Come by and name your favorites. And we’re giving away a copy of On These Silken Sheets!

Stop by

And for more fun, stop by The Ballroom Blog, where Miranda Neville and the rest of us authoresses are playing a Regency parlor game inspired by Project Runway.

Introducing The Ballroom Blog!

Dear Friends,

I know my updates are spotty, but not to fear, there is much happening on the back end! ;-)

I have a fun bit of news to share for now. You are all invited to join me and five other lovely and gracious authors at The Ballroom Blog, a wonderful and continual soiree hosted by the fabulous Lady B.

I do hope you’ll all join me there. I can promise that scandals, excitement and all sorts of wicked other goings-on will occur!

Much love,