New excerpt from Private Research!

Private Research releases tomorrow!!! You can pre-order today or wait until midnight. :) In the meantime, here’s a little snippet to tide you over.

Thirty minutes later, we stood in front of Sebastian’s building, and a black sedan pulled up. A man in a black suit stepped out from the backseat and looked at us.

“Miss Cavallari? Mr. Graham?”

At our affirmative nods, he gestured to the backseat. On trembling legs, I approached the car and ducked my head to enter.

A long cardboard box rested on the leather, and I moved it as I slid into the car. The front seat was separated from the back by a smoky glass mirror. Sebastian followed me a moment later. Then the other man slid into the car.

“Inside the box, you will find two blindfolds. Put them on.”

I glanced at Seb, who shrugged, and I opened the box. Inside were two long strips of blue silk. And at the edge, embroidered in gold, the letters HH.

I looked back at Sebastian again. He’d lost his cautious calm, his mouth hanging open in astonishment. Our gazes met.

“Seb,” I said, lifting one length of silk with reverence even as I voiced what we were both thinking. “It still exists.”

Can anyone guess what HH stands for???