On These Silken Sheets

“What exactly is Harridan House?” Maggie Coswell asked in a discreet whisper behind her fan.

On September 8, 2009 my first book, On These Silken Sheets will be released by Avon Red. This interwoven collection of four erotic novellas takes place in England, 1808, just three years before the famous Regency period when King George III’s sanity was questioned and his son, the Prince of Wales, became Prince Regent. Napoleon’s ambition swept the continent and Britain, with her allies, struggled to hold him back.

Culturally, it was a time of enormous scholarship. As a result of the war, medicine evolved at a stunning rate. There were great advances with electricity, gas and steam. Neoclassicism, the revival of classical style, swept across art, architecture and culture, even influencing the clothing of the day, with the stiff corsets and heavy layers that dominated the previous century traded in for thin muslins and short stays.

Clubs of all sorts proliferated, whether the gentlemen’s clubs such as White’s & Brooks’s or the philosophical clubs and societies. In On These Silken Sheets, a different sort of club is featured–an exclusive club, to serve the lusts and desires of London’s Ton. And within the club’s shadowed, voluptuous world, four very different heroes and four unique heroines are all surprised by love.

Welcome to the world of Harridan House!